City & entertainment

Welcome to Kyparissia

Kyparissia is located in the southwest of Peloponnesus and is based between the foothill of the Aigaleo mountain and the Kyparissian gulf.

The founding of the city goes a long way back. It reaches its pick during the 4th century B.C. in which time it grew to be a major trade center of the wider area and was named Kyparissientas. During the middle-ages it was renamed Arkadia and after the fall of the Byzantine Empire was occupied by the franks which build their castle(that survives to the present day) at the city’s higher point. In 1825 the city was destroyed by the Turks. Kyparissia is divided into two areas. The upper-town that has been declared a traditional preserved settlement and the lower-town that is more recently build and reaches all the way down to the coast. In the upper-town area there are several scattered historical sights, like the castle, the folklore museum, the public baths etc. The place is also a sheltered reproductive area for the sea-turtle species, Caretta-Caretta.

The options for entertainment and a good time that are available in the city is enough to satisfy the most demanding visitor. Diverse coffee shops are everywhere to be found and the taverns(food is a reference point for the city) offer a variety of local dishes. The night-life starts early in the evening and ends in the morning!

In the are you will find endless sand beaches: Kyparissia beach(800m) | Sani-Kartelas-Sergiani(2-4km) | Kalonero(5km) | Stomio(9km) | Agiannakis-Elea(11-13km) | Iagouvardos surf beach(15km) | Xrisi akti(28km) | Romanou(32km) | Boidokilia(35km)

The city is an ideal base for your campaigns in the surrounding areas:

  • Ancient Olympia
  • Ancient Messini
  • Temple of Apollo
  • Pylos-Palace of Nestor
  • Peristeria
  • Neda (hiking-climbing)
  • Aigaleo-Psihro (hiking)
  • Kalamata
  • Agrilis
  • Agia Theodora
  • Christianopoli
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  • Polylimnio